About Us

Pakistan Manpower Institute was established in 1975 as an attached department of Ministry of Labour and Manpower. After the 18th constitutional amendment 2011, and the devolution of the ministry of Labour and Manpower to the Provinces. The institute has been retained at federal level under the administrative control of Ministry of  Federal Education & Professional Training. As a part of its mandate the Institute imparts training to officers and executives of public and private sector organizations of the country in the area of Human Resource Planning(HRP), Human Resource Development(HRD), Human Resource Management(HRM) and Information Technology (IT).To achieve its objectives PMI programs are implemented through Annual Work Plan covering three areas; organizing training courses, seminars, workshops and conducting research studies on current socio-economic issues, to make organizations economically more productive.


  • To make Pakistan Manpower Institute commercially viable and functionally stable and sustainable progressive training body committed to gain a reputation of excellence in delivering quality training.


  • To Make Pakistan Manpower Institute an impact training Institute through seeking Public – Private partnership, collaborations , Joint ventures and exploring new ventures for possible interventions for providing quality learning experiences for individuals, organizations and industry through innovative and customized training in vibrant  disciplines helpful in career advancement and professional development.


PMI is dynamic training and research organization, working for the provision of training and to suggest remedies to the stakeholders with evidence based- research work. PMI carries forward its mandate under the following aims and objectives:

  • To maintain PMI for training of employees of public and private sector organizations and do relevant research work  as the Federal Government may determine;
  • To provide advanced knowledge concerning ways and means for better utilization of Human Resource Development in Pakistan;
  • To provide advanced training in professional techniques for manpower planning and administration;
  • To promote a broad perspective of requirement of trained manpower for economic development in different fields;
  • To provide manpower research services to Government departments, public corporations and private establishments;
  • To stimulate interest in manpower problems generally, and to cooperate with and assist other manpower research agencies, institutions or professional associations;
  • To cooperate with international agencies engaged in manpower research and arrange for inter-changes of personnel, materials and data.


PMI’s working methodology for training and conducting research is very simple.  To achieve the objectives, the institute is implementing its Annual Work Plan, covering the following three major areas: -

  • Organizing short Training Courses for the officers and executive of public and private sector organizations.
  • Conducting seminars, conferences, workshops and panel discussions.
  • Conducting research and collecting data related to the current socio-economic issues, human resource development, its utilization and management.