Muhammad Riaz , Director General



Training and development programs paybacks the organizations and enhance employee performance, boost employee productivity, reduce employee turnover, and improve organizational culture. For any organization, trainings are vital because it :

1. Advantages of standardization

2. Increasing organizational stability and flexibility

3. Heightened morale

4. Reduced supervision and direction

5. Economical use of resources

6. Increase in productivity

Pakistan Manpower Institute has rich training history, it was established in 1975 as an attached department of Ministry of Labor and Manpower with the mandate to impart training to officers and executives of public and private sector organizations of the country in the area of Human Resource Planning(HRP), Human Resource Development(HRD), Human Resource Management(HRM) and Information Technology (IT).To achieve its objectives PMI programs are implemented through Annual Work Plan covering three areas; organizing training courses, seminars, workshops and conducting research studies on current socio-economic issues, to make organizations economically more productive. PMI works with the vision to make Pakistan Manpower Institute commercially viable and functionally stable and sustainable progressive training body committed to gain a reputation of excellence in delivering quality training.

Muhammad Riaz

Director General