Gender Equality and Inclusion ( 29-31 August, 2022)

Course Contents: 

The importance of gender inclusion ,How gender exclusion affects people in the workplace ,How to be more gender-inclusive

Key Concepts of Gender and Social Inclusion, Gender vs. sex; Gender equity vs. equality;  ,Social inclusion and considerations for marginalized groups including people with disabilities, Gender integration; Ensuring diversity and inclusion; Creating Respectful and Inclusive Environments.

Gender role/rights responsibilities and laws, Women empowerment issues and dimensions ,National and International Organizations’ Role and Gender Equality in Education , National Laws for the Protection of Women

gender equality: problem-solving and action-planning

21st Century Challenges of Gender Equality & Inclusion at Workplace


Date: 29-31 August, 2022

Course Cordinator : Zari, Assistant Director, Ph.051-9265391 Email.