Conflict transformation (01-03 August, 2022)

Course Contents: 

What is conflict, describing the conflict and preconceptions about conflict, Is conflict good or bad? Potential benefits of conflict .Cost of conflict

conflict and change, Defining workplace a conflict ,Conflict diagnosis and dispute resolution, Sources and causes of conflict, Interest analysis, Assessing the character of the conflict,  Trust and its significance, Assessing impediments to resolve the conflict,

Assessing the negotiating style  ,Conflict transforming techniques

Mutual understanding and conflict Stereotypes, diversity and conflict,  Conflict transformation with emotional intelligence

How Does Negotiation Relate to Conflict Resolution?

How to Employ Conflict Resolution During Negotiation

When and How Does Conflict Transformation Occur?

Shift from Conflict Resolution to Conflict Transformation?

Consequences of conflict on individual to organization’s performance ,Communication styles as barriers to dealing with conflict ,Conflict resolution process

Pitfalls of the conflict and dealing with them A case study analysis ,Contemporary challenges of conflict management in the 21st Century

Date  : 01-03 August, 2022


 Course Cordinator : Zari, Assistant Director, ph: 051-9265391